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Read! Write! Kill your Television!

May be of some interest to Burners and other creative types - I thought of this as a creative solution to the writers' labor issues.

In support of the Writers' Guild of America's strike for compensation when their work gets streamed on the Internet, sign up here to pledge to read or write yourself instead of watching TV at least one night a week.

Not all Hollywood writers are wealthy and successful - some are "starving artists" who remain unemployed and work second and third jobs between writing gigs. I've personally met some members, actually of the Screenwriters' Guild, and they traveled the country in a trailer performing at poetry slams for extra cash to live on in between gigs - and I'm sure many WGA members are in a similar situation.

Some writers produce content mainly or exclusively intended for the Internet, and the Internet is growing in influence and writers should be compensated for the use of their work.

And - writing/reading on your own will be fun! Whether you produce poetry, a memoir, a novel, short stories, vignettes, even decorated shopping lists - or finally finish that novel you've been meaning to get to someday, you'll open yourself up to new horizons.
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