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Pirate Mail for the winter!

Deadletter is a project year round, with a (sometimes) presence at BRC. In October of 2005, we went to Berkeley and posted signs of ourselves all over campus - and the campus slowly noticed, was mystified by, and discussed our presence there. We slowly made our presence more 'understandable', and by the end it was all about Pirate Mail Pirate Mail Pirate Mail.

This month we announced on the UCBerkeley livejournal community that we'd be coming back, and a number of people have posted their pirate mail addresses and want MAIL!

The thread can be found at:

We'll be going down in the second week of January, and we need mail to these people! Now, this begs the question of, how do we _get_ the mail from you, to give out. Well, first, could you write it right away? Then, we'll need to figure out how to get it to it's location. We could use USPS mailing address in PDX, and we could take it to Berkeley and pass it around. Or, I can see if the people in Berkeley wantsto be 'point' for collecting mail for strangers and then reading it, editing it, and passing it around. Or you could pirate mail it to UCBerkeley, and it will get there... whenever it gets there!

Some of the interesting people we've been given to write to:
Triangle Man
Drinking Arizona green tea, getting banned from RSF, busting a move
UC Berkeley
write about: steroids


most muslim people on campus would know someone who knows me
uc berkeley

Woman in science, playing Zelda
UC Berkeley
Write about: stars

chad powell
chick with colorful hair wandering Wheeler's halls
UC Berkeley
Write about: is it mooses, moosi or meese AND bands

Dee Dices, Shay-D, The Yellow Bruce Willis, Big D-Ill, D-Wreck
Ridge House or The Oakland 42nd Street Rap All Stars Crew
Dept: Political Science, Major: Poli Sci, Area: Political Economy, Curb Serving, and the finer things on The Fine List
write about: whiskey, politics, trees, or the vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis)

Andrew Cerda
Is a PA in dorms
Studies Anthropology
UC Berkeley
Write about: post graduation plans, jobs, graduate programs, how to get a life, and solutions for my complete lack of post-college plans.

the dwinelle outskirts, erryday in the afternoony am
premed + italian studies woo
uc berkeley
pirates, ochem, the violin, speaking other languages, mountain dew code red

ΦΔϘ (theta delta?)
Hiding in the corner with the drafty windows and the pile of empty bottles
Earth and Planetary Science
UC Berkeley
Tell me about your mother.

Talia! Scout.
Riding a pink and blue hoopty fixed gear bike.
Interdisciplinary Studies/Middle Eastern Studies
UC Berkeley

Misty aka RhiannonStone
Often found in the Linguistics lounge, SLUgS meetings, or anywhere else Cal's Ling majors gather (so basically Dwinelle)
UC Berkeley
How do you feel about Dr Pepper?

Cal Dems
History & Linguistics
UC Berkeley
[ write me about: your favorite wikipedia article/adventure ]

The Dwinelle Benches, Squelch
UC Berkeley
[ write me about: hot new indie bands, long walks on the beach, and why/why not you want to go to australia ]

Conceptual (Michelle)
Responsible for that Cookie Thing on Sproul
UC Berkeley
Write about: Cookies!

Help us write mail! Write it, then we'll collect it (by pirate mail) and take it down to Berkeley!


Dead Letter: You've Got A Friend In Noise

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