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Fernley Levee Break (and how you can help)

Update off the Burners Without Borders site

Three long-time BWB volunteers ( Eli Padewan Lyon, Matt Starchild Deluge, and Scott Spoon Stephenson ) have been in Fernley all afternoon making  their own assessment, and it doesn’t sound good.


The cold weather will make the mucking out all the worst, yet when the news coverage dies down there’s no knowing how much help will be available


Donate money:
Spoon, Matt, and Eli are committed to working the next couple weeks, as long as they can afford to.  They need their daily expenses covered, like meals ( they won’t have anywhere to cook on site, so will need to grab whatever they can; otherwise, they’ll have to eat MRE’s the coast guard is passing out) as well as money for gas for their cars and the truck.  Many of you know what it’s like to be in the field doing this kind of work, and how a simple hot meal can make a big difference.  $30 is enough to keep someone in the field working all day. Please donate what you can. You can do so immediately on paypal--just send it to donate@burnerswithoutborders.org  . You can also mail it to BWB at 1900 3rd Street, SF, CA 94158, or just drop it by the Burning Man office at the same address, if you’re in the area. 

If we raise enough money, then they can use it to buy tools and supplies, support any other volunteers who show up, and help replace items lost in the flood. 100% of all funds raised will go directly to helping the victims of the flooding. 

Or there’s contact info for the workers on the website if you can help out physically.
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