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Playa Dream

Woohooo!  Had my first playa dream of 2008 last night! 

I dreamt that I was wandering through the deep playa at night, and I was getting hungry.  In the distance I saw a neon sign that said "Diner", and as I got closer I could see an old classic diner just sitting out in the middle of nowhere.  I dusted myself off, walked inside and took a seat at the counter.  Chrome everywhere, red sparkly vinyl barstools, the whole nine yards.  The inside of the diner was remarkably dust-free.  It was pristine and shiny.

The guy behind the counter was dressed like a classic soda jerk, with the paper hat, white shirt/apron and everything.  He was wiping down the countertop, like every diner guy does.  He asked "What can I getcha?"  and I asked for the NJ classic sandwich, a taylor ham, egg and cheese (taylor ham = pork roll, to those outside Jersey), and a cup of coffee.  It was so greasy, so bad for me, and so good.

Makes me want to rent an Airstream and turn it into a classic diner for '08.  Ya know, American Dream and all.

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