Dean J (talldean) wrote in burning_man,
Dean J

Winter Burn in Western PA

FrostBurn: Presidents' Day Weekend: just north of Pittsburgh, PA

Imagine the climatic opposite of Burning Man: a frozen forest where ice and snow join fire and steam as viable art forms; where radical self-reliance and communal effort are critical for human survival.

Envision an event where huddled masses and daring individuals venture from warm quarters into the chilled air, discovering participatory art and radical self-expression no matter which way they turn.

Dream of a retreat just when you need it most: in the middle of winter, six months from your annual pilgrimage to the Black Rock Desert.

Escape for a weekend to an environment that is harsh, yet comfortable. Familiar, with a radical new twist. A place to warm your heart and soul and express your creativity in ways the playa could never allow.

Help us invent a great weekend of community, immediacy and art.
Cooper's Lake Campground
Slippery Rock, PA
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