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Off Topic Volunteering Opportunity

Please forgive me if this is too far off topic, but I thought some local Los Angeles burners might be into participating in this event.

I'm specifically writing the Burning Man Community because
1. you are awesome people
2. we need street performers
Unfortunately we won't be able to have fire. But we could have glowy poi, or stilt walkers or musicians, or something else fabulous you can do. Also, please don't hesitate to volunteer for one of the more mundane jobs, I desperately need those positions filled also!

AIDS Research Alliance is a nonprofit medical research organization conducting clinical trials and research for the treatment and cure of HIV/AIDS.

We are seeking a large number of volunteers to work with us on ArtSeen, a gala event to be held on downtown’s gallery row and at Smashbox Studios, May 13-17, 2008.

There are many different assignment opportunities including:
Art Installation, Registration, Catering, Live Auction, Silent Auction, Cashier/Wrapping, Set-up, Break-down, ArtStore (selling merchandise at the event), Models, Florists, Security, Photographers, Street Musicians and Performers, and administration help at our offices the week before.

We will transform Smashbox Studios into a beautiful art gallery for the gala event on the 17th, for which food and beverage will be provided by LA’s hottest restaurants. Party attendees will have the opportunity to bid on and purchase original artworks from dozens of famous and emerging artists. There will be a pre-installation of the artworks for early viewing, as well as an opening night party with a fashion show, at the galleries on downtown’s gallery row beginning May 13th.

Volunteers who help at either the opening night party or the closing night gala, will be given a t-shirt. Volunteers who help at both events will be given a gift bag.

Please email me if you are interested. I will email you an application with specific hours and duties.


Thank you!

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