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SF Bay Area: Beltane Alchemy April 26th-27th

Hi Everyone;

A group I am involved with is having a fundraiser to build a Temple Complex at Burning Man exploring the nature of Unity and Diversity within ourselves and the world(in conjunction with Entheon Village).

Fun Fun!

Luv n' Rockets;


************ ********* ********* ********* ********* *
Beltane Alchemy
11am Saturday April 26th - 2pm Sunday April 27th
************ ********* ********* ********* *********

Isis Oasis - www.isisoasis. org
Geyserville, CA (north of SF)

For more info and schedule: http://www.temple08 .com/fundraising.html

Join us for this once in a lifetime Sacred Event at Isis Oasis!
Dancing around the Maypole, we activate our Springtime inner Lover and
honor the blossoming of life as we unite the Present with the Ancient,
the Masculine with the Feminine, together, in Sacred Alchemy.
The Maypole ritual will be followed with participatory comedy, a
bardic fire circle, musical performances, and shamanic DJ's creating
soundscapes for our dancing and art throughout the night. Rise and
shine with the Sun for: yoga with Niema Lightseed, brunch, a rockin'
reverent circle of gratitude, and more!

Suggested Donation: sliding scale $75-$175 with some work-trade and
vendor positions available. Donations include: camping/dorm space,
playshops, prayer-formance, rituals, spa, Beltane Feast and Sunday brunch.

All donations go directly to the Pantheogenesis Sacred Temple in
Entheon Village at Burningman in August and to the Mythic Playground
at Isis Oasis.

In addition to Kim Hix's Mythic Playground, Isis Oasis is the amazing
home of the Healing Zone & Love Den, a 500 year old fir tree, ocelots,
white peacocks, temples, a hot tub, a sauna, and a pool.

Please R.S.V.P. by Tuesday April 22nd so we may have a proper
headcount for creation of the Feast. Only 108 tickets are available
for this event, so secure your magickal space via Paypal soon.

There is limited indoor lodging available Goddess Rooms: $75 (ideal
for the Romantic Couple or the person wanting a private room)
If a Goddess room is desired please contact Robin Sol at (702)
575-8441 to make room reservations prior to the event.

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