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Radiohead Nude "Lucid Dream" remix

For all out there who are not aware, Radiohead is allowing folks to do remixes of their song "nude" (see

I'm both hoping folks will enjoy my version of the track (a very dreamy, spooky track that builds to an explosive end), which you can listen to here:

or here, if the html works:

(I uploaded it with only a week to go, so I'm a latecomer - voting ends MAY 1st!!! - and am hoping you'll vote and share with your friends so they might vote!)


I'm also hoping to listen to remixes of other folks. So if you have one, message me with where I can listen to it. Specifically I'm curious what other Portland/Oregon/Washington folks have made, but ultimately I'd like to hear from everyone wherever they might live.

Most of all, I hope everyone just keeps music alive (both in listening and in creation) as a language, as a means of communicationg, as something beautiful for the soul.

Nevyn Nowhere
Sad Music for Happy Humans
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