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Eposia's Crosstime Saloon @ Burning Flipside 2008

Eposia's Crosstime Saloon will return against the odds to Pyropolis in 2008. Eposia and the other staff of the Saloon have had a crazy year, and we're looking forward to creating a relaxed, enjoyable chill space for us and for you to unwind in. Visit us when you are coming down from your adventures or as your night begins, or any time you want to kick back. Eposia's is an official Drama Free Zone (tm), so you can also hide here if camp politics get you down.

Once again, we'll be serving our fruit punch and Irish coffee (also known as "God's Blessing") when we feel like brewing up a pot (we might even do it for you you ask
nicely). Our camp also features the famous 'toasting' ritual, in which you can unload your joy or your pain to an appreciative audience.

Eposia's this year is located at #8 Naughty Avenue, at the corner of Naughty Ave and Mushroom Tower Trail.

For a map and more information, visit
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