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i need artistic input from my peepz!

i'm overhauling the tailspin website this weekend. as i do every season, i'm going to offer a few seasonal-style hoops for a limited time. this summer, i'm going with a summery drink theme: fruit punch (magenta and purple), orangeade (orange and gold), and lemon-lime (green and yellow). but i'm debating whether i should swap out some "everyday" hoop designs with some new ones as well. there are a few designs that have never had a single sale, and i figure why waste the website space if there are better ones to put out there.

the three that sell the best (by a landslide) are Psychedelic, Solstice, and Halo. what common qualities do they have? none. one's crazy bright, the second is sparkly and cheery, and the third is very streamlined and simple (and glows in the dark). they don't share a single color, even. so it's not like there's a formula i can follow for success.

so that's where i turn to you, o creative ones: what color combinations are your favorite? maybe it's colors from your favorite outfit, flowers in your garden, a painting you love? most i can do in one hoop is 4, but 3 seems to be the best to let every color stand out. i need inspiration, any ideas?

and oh -- the SuperStar hoop isn't selling nearly as well as i'd like, which bums me out because the profits go to my friend Star's memorial fund. she was an awesome chick and the hoop is totally her (she rocked black clothing like nobody's business). if you know anyone who likes hooping but would prefer "black and badass" to cheery and sparkly, let 'em know that there's a hoop for them (and their money goes to a good cause). i'd really like to send more money to her fund this summer!

thanks guys!

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