beat junky (inertiastar) wrote in burning_man,
beat junky

Desert Rollerblades!

Two years ago I bought a crazy pair of off-road Rollerblade skates with Burning Man in mind, they are size 7-7.5 Mens / 8-8.5 Womans. Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to bring them to burning man with me, but that was always my idea. I totally have a vision of a fantastic costume using these, but it doesn't appear that I'll get the chance to bring the idea to life.

I've got them up on ebay right now, and priced them really low to make them affordable. (Originally $500 skates) I would love to see them go to a burner over someone random, so I figured I would post here in case anyone see's the vision that I once had and can actually carry it out!

For more info, click here
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