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This is on response to a conversation I had with someone considering going to the Burn, but then she kind of wrinkled up her nose and said "It's not sustainable." and kind of challenged me on it. As with the most of my best responses, I thought if this a week later after mulling it over.

BM is by and large, not sustainable and will be less so as time passes (until we get our collective shit together with the alternative fuels)though the efforts BMORG made to be green last year was encouraging.

My personal goal is a self imposed capping on my carbon production the entire rest of the year to make up for my need to go to that crazy thing in the desert. I recycle, I telecommute, I compost, I buy local when I can, and have an organic garden where I grow my own food, I turn off my lights and unplug my devices at night, I burn a 99% clean pellet stove for heat. I'll be damned if anyone wants me to feel guilty for my one week of debauchery!

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