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A Letter From The Future

Hey All,

I just got back from the FUTURE! Holy crap! .. What day is it now?
4:00 AM, July 15th, 2008. YES!!!

I'm so EXCITED to share with you all what our camp was like for us
in the not too far future...It was awesome! You might not understand
what I am talking about right now. You guys, we were all there! YOU

OMG! You guys are going to be fucking amazed. I think the most
memorable experience was on the first day when we all got to our camp
and started working together on erecting the Shade structures. We are
a force to be reckoned with! We were... I mean ARE a well oiled
machine! Not only will we do well in figuring an efficient method to
carpool up there, but everyone was able to manage their shit
efficiently. Ben's structure provides enough shade and is fun to chill
out/party in! When you guys build the structure, remember not to let
me get stoned... Anyway, I have to hand it to you guys- People were
impressed how we were focused on the future of bicycle community. We
shared with other burners how bicycles are part of our daily lives in
the future and not just for the playa . Props to those who volunteered
their time to help others with the D.I.Y. method of working on your
bicycles. Where did all those bike tools come from? I can't even
remember how we planned that.. Glad you were all able to bring
suitable bikes with fat tires that you weren't majorly concerned about
getting "playa dust" in.

Don't worry, I'm not going spoil how rad all of our events were - Even
the spontaneous ones. I just want to share a few more things.

I was surprised how many megaphones we all had. I'm glad we had enough
earplugs to enhance the experience of Bullhorn Brunch! And Jesus H.
Christ on a Bicycle, where fuck did this guy Matt (lackflag) come
from? He greeted all the guests of our camp with a megaphone, I can't
believe how annoying that guy is - SO RAD!

Bunny Suits? OMG where did you guys find time to get creative with
those bunny outfits for the Billion Bunny March? Some of you just had
bunny ears and boxers, but it was funny! You also had so many awesome
playa bikes and costumes. Santa Con was the bomb... Who peed on me
that night? Glad we were able to all pull off Santa Con on the playa!
Midnight Ridazz Ride was EPIC! Laharr was fucking hilarious...

I got chills just reliving it all...

Thank to you all for bringing enough food and water for yourselves and
also for being generous with each other with the supplies you had. I
don't think there was anyone who showed up without enough supplies for
themselves. All the needs of our group were met! And of course, Safety
Third. Despite all the expense and energy of this trip, this has been
totally worth it and we will be a closer group. The experience has
changed us for the better in many ways. If only we had more Ridazz to
share the experience with us... Wait, that's why I came back and am
writing this!... So that those who did miss out can make sure they
come and not miss out like they did. The Future is now REWRITTEN!

I'm not going to give away all of the great things we are going to
experience, but I just want to share how great it is to be together as
a group. Fnord! You guys are creative and resourceful. The future
would not have been as great as it was without the group effort we all
is what royally saved our asses!

The way we can spend time with each other and get along is really
important to me. I never had such a community of friends that I trust
like this before. I am glad that I have this chance to spend great
times with you all. I truly believe that this is a great group of
friends. You all made this the best experience I ever will have. I
cant wait to go back to the future with you all again! - MIDNIGHT

The Man Burns In 46 DAYS!

Hail Eris,

-Rev. Joe H. Borfo
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