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Игорь Железняк

CHL 2nd Annual East Village Fundraiser Party, NYC

Camp HighLine East Village BM Fundraiser Party, NYC

This one is to benefit ReelMobile ArtCar Project and Phoenix Circle [Russian Village] Theme Camp!

These are the guys who are responsible for such wonder projects as Ambient Chairs (2004), Dust2Music ArtCar (2005, 2006), The Traffic Light and The Russian Diner (2007) in the past. To find out about their new endeavors follow the links above. But make sure to attend the Party:

Wednesday, July 30th, 8PM – 2 AM, @ the atmospheric China-1 (50 Ave B at E4th)
Electronic Stage - Live/Dance Stage - Special acts by guest performers - Full Bar :)))

Two great lineups, live BM-type performances, special guests, BM Art (hopefully) and a real good cause to get together, have few (or more then that) drinks, enjoy music and the atmosphere, and celebrate the spirit of the Burning Man!
Please come and bring friends over!

Brought to you by Camp HighLine, Phoenix Circle, Shormanka&CO and Friends

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