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Temple Hydration Project

Reposting this around for my friends with Heartsong Chai. Apologies if it's not allowed. I met them working on the Temple of Hope in 2006 and the highlight of the day was when they came around in the afternoon with their delicious cold habanero pepper brew with an Otter Pop stuck in it. You can help by making donation to help pay for the cost of making and distributing tea to thirsty Burners at this year's temple, donate water on the playa, or sign up for a shift to serve tea!

Once again it is time for Burning Man and we want to tell you about our Playa Hydration Project. We are blessed to know the artists designing the city's temple this year and we are honored to be serving tea on the playa at the temple, Basura Sagrada.

You are hereby invited to sponsor the Heartsong Playa Hydration Project at the Basura Sagrada Temple by sponsoring chai-by-the-gallon. One gallon of chai costs $20 to produce, which will quench the thirst of 18 burners.

The Heartsong crew is volunteering our manufacturing time and abilities, transport and refrigeration of all the tea, construction of the carts and service at Basura Sagrada. It is our great hope that our fellow citizens will sponsor the purchase of spices, sweeteners, and tea. All food donations are tax deductible through the non-profit that is supporting the temple project this year. Basura Sagrada is a 501(c)3 organization.

There are two easy ways to gift your fellow citizens with a quench to their thirst:

Paypal: Click here or use PayPal to send money to hschai.admin@gmail.com.

Mail a check to:
Heartsong Playa Hydration Project
2220 Ashland St.
Ashland OR, 97520

All donated funds will be spent on ingredients for playa hydration.
Heartsong will not profit from this gift to the community.

We hope tons of people participate in this opportunity because we are all very excited to offer free flowing hydration through the temple.

We vow to make and serve as much tea as our fellow citizens sponsor.

Other ways you can help with this project include:
~ Forward this e-mail to many friends.
~ Bring water to the playa for sun teas.
~ Sign up to serve tea at the temple! How fun is that? Super fun!! Reply here, now!

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