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For all you playa kittens....

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YAY, only a few more weeks until we are all back home!

Per request...I've added a TON of new colors and styles of furry kitty ear hats here:

Plus lots of fun playa gear... many rare shrugs! Black Shrug with Bell Sleeves (Small, Medium, & Large), Black fur trimmed shrugs, Leopard & Zebra fleece shrugs with fur trim, Pirate and Camo shrugs and corset fur trimmed skirts! If you don't see your size or would like a specific color, feel free to message me and I can add a link for a custom auction.
+ More to be added soon!

Orders must be placed prior to Aug 20 in order to arrive to you before BM. Feel free to use the buy it now options to have it shipped to you today! All proceeds go directly to support my Burning Man FUNdage.
THANKS for looking and Happy Bidding!


PS. I will be camping with Space Elevator-10:00 & Jeep- see you all there!
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