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returning Home

Some of you may know/remember me... those of you new to this community (last two years) probably won't.
I've been attending since 1998, missing 2000 (in Germany), 2002 (buying a house) and last year (boss wouldn't give me time off). I'm just letting everyone know what's happening with me this year. Below is a modified cut-n-paste message I'm trying to post to several of my blogs (here, myspace, suicidegirls, and modelmayhem):

I will be in Black Rock (again) this year for the annual Burning of the Man! After missing last year, it will feel good once again to return Home.

This year, I am part of an official theme camp, called Atomikamp. We have a fall-out shelter theme for those of you refugees who have survived the end of the world. Come rest in our Afterglow Lounge and perhaps have a drink from our Bar.

We are located at approximately 8:30 on the Esplanade.

Just for clarification's sake, there is at least one other theme camp designed as fall-out shelter. And while they want us to change our camp, we are trying to convince them that it's okay for there to be several camps with the same theme.

Also, we are not related to last year's Afterglow.

Go to my website ( to see pictures of Burning Man dating back to 1998.

Hope to see you out there.

And if I don't, have a Great Burn! )'(

(it's kind of choppy, but I said it was modified! :)
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