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we are busy getting ready to go to Burning man. this years prep has gone pretty smoothly. i won a trike bike on Ebay so i will be able to get round a lot better than i have in the years past. we spend a lot of time trying to get to the farthest reaches of the city to see all the art and events that happen there. i have a very bad back, i've been in five car accidents one was a roll over down a 20ft ravine. so i can't get very far on foot. so this bike has me very excited about going this year!!

winning that bike was soo great, but this week i won something even better!! i found a 48 V 1000 Watts electric conversion kit, Powerful Brushless runs quieter, more efficient, runs virtually forever, cruise over 70 km / hr for half the price!! woo whooo!! this means when i get tired i can just cruise around, and when i run out of power i can just peddle!!

i am sooo excited to decorate it! i just saw halcyonpink new post about his pink octopus bike. i bought Blue Winter Spray LED Light Branches, Large 16" Flashing Balloon with Led Lites to decorate my bike. i want to get some of these Bodhi Rose String lights in every color! LOL i am worried they might not hold up on the playa.

The Rose Lights are made from eight Bodhi leaves delicately hand-crafted into a beautiful rose. Comes as a 10' long string light with 20 string lights. Each string of lights measures 10' long-4" between each rose light. End-to-end connectors, two replacement bulbs, one extra fuse, instructions and "the story" behind Buddha's enlightenment included. No trees were harmed to produce these Rose Lights. A special treatment process strengthens the leaves so they become durable and translucent, and natural dyes were used to give the vibrant colors.

i can't wait to get to the playa and ride it!!

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