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Tank girl needs her tank

-I've devised a plan to make a sort of "costume" for my bike, easily breakdown and compactable for minimal trunk space.
-Hopefully it will take up about the same amount of space as my tent(or rather my kind sisters tent) will, which isnt much at all.
-When put together it will create a box like structure with a top tier with a watergun of sorts for the canon and it will even come complete with a hatch!
-Not to mention it will be wind/dust storm/ and rain resistant so that I can keep on trunking no matter the weather.
-You know.. like a tank!
-It even has trunk space!

-This is all, of corse, assuming my materials are affordable.
-I know where to get boat sail material for relatively cheap, and pvc (my support) shouldn't cost too much at its thinnest width as well as be small for space.
-My Coworker and formor boss is lending me his servies and drill to punch holes in my pvc so I can tie it to my bike.

Heres hoping it works!

I cant wait. OMG 12 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention I have an army helmet to go with it? :)
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