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We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....

Looking for the BRCPO? Look closely....

From the front page at http://www.blackrockcitypostoffice.org/

We are the Black Rock City Post Office located, as in years past, in Center Camp.

There will be a camp in the 9:00 Plaza using the same name as ours but that camp has no affiliation with us and will not be working with us in any way--most especially not regarding the receiving and delivery of USPS mail. Any actions of that camp or claims made by that camp are the responsibility of their camp and those who choose to participate with them, alone.

We are aware of misinformation having been sent out; this notice is intended to clarify matters and correctly inform the public regarding mail-handling for the Burning Man event by our camp, the Black Rock City Post Office - BRCPO, in Center Camp.

The BRCPO in Center Camp has long been and is again this year the only camp with the privilege and responsibility to run the USPS mail in and out of Black Rock City for the Burning Man festival. The BRCPO in Center Camp will be the only Post Office with the USPS Cancellation Permit and Burning Man cancellation stamp. Only at the BRCPO in Center Camp may mail be deposited to be delivered off-playa with the official Burning Man 2008 cancellation stamp. This mail will be taken out daily to the USPO in Gerlach by the BRCPO Center Camp transport. All outside mail arriving via the USPS in Gerlach addressed to Black Rock City will be retrieved and delivered by the BRCPO at Center Camp. All incoming USPS mail, upon arriving in Black Rock City, is delivered to the citizens of Black Rock City by our BRCPO volunteers. If you want to send mail to destinations off-playa with the official Burning Man cancellation stamp then you must come to the BRCPO in Center Camp to do so. The BRCPO in Center Camp will also be providing intra-playa mail services and postcard-making stations.

Bring your own postcards, make them on the playa, or pick up a gift postcard from us. Please remember to bring US postage stamps with you for mailing from BRC as none are available for sale at the BRCPO. 42 cent stamps are required for mailing letters and 27 cent stamps for mailing postcards (or combinations of postage stamps adding up to those amounts). Please do bring extra stamps, too, as they make great gifts for others who want to send postcards and letters from BRC but did not realize stamps will not be available for purchase.

To send mail from the outside world to a friend on the playa please mail your letters and postcards early to increase the possibility of receiving them during the Burn. We are a volunteer-only service and if you use our service we will do our best to get your mail to its destinations on-playa, but we are not able to guarantee delivery. If you have something valuable, time-sensitive, or indispensable we encourage you to bring it with you or to send it addressed to yourself at the Gerlach PO (and be prepared to pick it up yourself, in Gerlach). Using our services to receive mail in BRC, if you are concerned about a particular piece of mail then you can send it to yourself in BRC from the outside world via registered or certified mail but be prepared to bring your photo ID with you and to come personally to the BRCPO in Center Camp to pick it up. Should you not find your way to us, all unclaimed registered and certified mail will be returned to sender at the end of the festival.

When mailing to the playa please address your playa-bound mail as completely as possible in this format to increase the odds of your mail being received:

CAMPER'S PLAYA NAME or REAL NAME ...or better, both.
CAMP NAME (and any helpful descriptions of street facade, tents, or large features that might be at this location to help the postie find the addressee)
CAMP ADDRESS: as close as you can get (example: 9:35 and Hummer) &/or nearest cross-street, and even Man-side or mountain-side (if you know)
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

PLEASE be sure to put a return address on all incoming mail. Should we not find the addressee we will return all undelivered mail to sender.

Mail being sent to destinations off-playa must have a legible address to recipient in the "To:" area of postcards or at center-front of letters, including name, street address, city, state, and ZIP CODE (or country, for mail headed overseas). A return address including a ZIP CODE in the top left hand corner of letters is also encouraged. All postcards and letters must have official USPS postage stamp(s) affixed at the top right corner.

For more information on the Black Rock City Post Office - BRCPO in Center Camp please visit http://www.blackrockcitypostoffice.org/ or email generalprps(at)yahoo.com

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with BRCPO in any way beyond being a successful recipient of on-playa mail in previous years.

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