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Take pity on some geezers?

I know this is a long shot, but sometimes those pan out.

My crew of three (counting me) are looking for someplace close to the esplanade to camp this year.

We are fully self sufficient and won't need to use any of your camp's resources, we just need a patch of playa to call home. One of my campmates is an elderly fellow, and this is his first burn. We want to be closer in for no other reason than that the distances are shorter for the old guy and me who is not as old, but has health problems that make traveling great distances on foot kind of rough. Our original plan was to head down the 7:30 spoke and just grab the closest in empty spot we can find. We want to be over on the west side of town between 7:30 and 9:00.

Does anyone have space in their allotted camp for three easygoing fun folks?

This will be my ninth burn. We will help you in anyway we can and share our resources with you to return the favor. we have two tents, a van, a shade canopy, our footprint will not be huge. We are willing to get involved or stay as separate as you wish.

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