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I look like a Yeti! How to de-playafy?

Hey all,

Can someone give me tips on how to get the playa dust:

-out of my hair (<-- I'm terrified to wash it! Won't the dust just cake into mud????)

-out of my clothes (I'm assuming I just wash them, but I heard something about vinegar?)

-off of my tent (just water isn't working)

Thanks, all!

HAIR UPDATE: So this thread talks about vinegar. For my hair I:

1) Gently detangled the worst of the dreads with a wide-tooth comb

2) Got in shower, dampened hair, then did a vinegar rinse (2 fingers Apple Cider Vinegar in a pint glass)

3) Shampooed hair. Nice -n- frothy.

4) Conditioned hair.

5) Rinsed with ACV again, and combed through.

6) Rinsed with water.

Although I lost enough hair to make a small voo-doo doll, and I smell vaguely like daikon pickles, this worked! Tangle-free hair!

ooooh, well if you ever take clients, let me know!
I love extensions but have no talent to do them myself. :/

(ps washed the hair! Updated post...)
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