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Complete Newbie Question

Here's a question that the Burning Man site doesn't quite answer:

How do you do Burning Man without a car? Seriously. The official site says they do not sell water. Water is heavy. How am I to get a week's worth of provisions into camp on my back? If I'm going, I'm going to go for the full week. But I don't want to spend all my time making trips into town for food and water. Surely there are plenty of regulars who have figured this out. What am I missing? The site's FAQs seem to address everything but this.


To clarify: My idea is to fly there with a back pack and meet up with friends doing the same. Hence, I will not know anyone there with a car. I do understand that there is a shuttle. But unless I have a dolly, it's hard to see how I'm going to haul enough stuff into camp. On the Appalachian Trail, you can find a stream to refill your canteen, but this is a desert and you have to bring everything with you.
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