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As we say in french: "J'ai mange de la poussiere!" But in a good way :)

I felt quite sad to leave after most of everybody... I was looking for the after party, but I could not... This is hard to come back to "real life". I got sun burns, lot of dust, but whatever the weather, I enjoyed every magical day! And I came without any idea of what it could be (I just hear about it 9 month ago and thrown my money without any expectation!), even with some fears (people, place, etc), but in fact, I was comfortable, like home... Next time I come (which was sure even after the first day!), may be next year or later after, I'll be sure to decorate a golf cart, have a kite, an umbrella, walkie-talkies and a nice costumes!

Burning Man for me was about people and experimentations. I almost haven tooked any sleep to see and do all I could. I specially like "Home", the "Geisha House", the "Vortex" and the mini-golf, tetris and the legos!! Hope they'll still be there next time! Thanks for everybody how gave me gifts, like stickers, ice cones, etc... I gonna come next time with more Nerds in my pockets too ^^

Enjoy, take care all of you and hopefully see you in the future!

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