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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dust

-Lost in a whiteout on the open playa. We wandered under my umbrella, sucking dust, seeing things which got within fifteen feet of us. The first thing we saw was a dome with a dance party inside. The dome was open at the sides, so it was pretty thoroughly whited-out inside as well, but there were a couple of hardy souls wearing respirators and underwear, thrashing about to the best of their abilities. We wandered on and got out into the deep desert. The storm grew worse-- visibility had contracted to about six feet. Out of the churning nothing leapt-- Death. No, really. A metal sculpture of Death Himself, life-sized, packing a scythe, wearing a rapidly tattering Hawaiian shirt. We left him behind and carried on.

-I was walking home, hot, foul, totally exhausted, and someone handed me a can of Mandarin oranges. They were as perfect as cherry blossoms.

-The Flaming Lotus Girls' fireworks show.

-The Flaming Lotus Girls' fireworks show.

-The Flaming Lotus Girls setting off fireworks through the middle of metal-tinged explosions.

-We got the Last (Pepper-Jack) Grilled-Cheese Sandwich. I would be a better person if I hadn't been delighted to eat it in front of all the people behind us who didn't get any.

-I drew, as a forfeit, Having to Run Around the Camp Three Times. This wasn't so bad, even if the drink it won me was awful awful. But the man behind me drew Having to Be Spanked by the Person Ahead of You as Hard as they Can. (He said it was the best spanking he had gotten all day long; my hand stung afterward).

-Sunday. Total let-down; half the people gone, everyone else packing. A Mutant Vehicle parked and threw a party right outside Loth Camp. We thronged it with persons, and were suddenly back in the game.

-The Burning of the Man was eighteen bazillion people watching and yelling and drinking and yelling more as fireworks and explosions and such doomed the Man. It wasn't nearly as good as the burning of the Temple, which was eighteen bazillion people watching in total silence as a ring of temple guardians with torches walked in and put the temple to the flame. Then the top fell to the middle, the middle fell to the bottom, and layer by layer burnt away until all that was left was the underlying skeleton, which fell.

-Ah, but Friday night, after the fireworks show, we hit the town, and found a *completely empty* dance party playing only Gogol Bordello. Jay and Day and Io and Daniel, who are fools, decamped in search of other entertainments. Yvonne and I, who can tell a hawk from a handsaw, undertook to show some fools what was what-- AND SUCCEEDED ADMIRABLY. We had such conspicuous fun that within five minutes the entire rest of Burning Man rolled up to get their share, and a pillar of dust, yea, even as that which guided the Israelites, rose up to hide our revels from the stars.
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