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What was your view on this year's burn?

I have to agree.. I wasn't totally impressed with this years theme, and there wasn't a whole lot of art that gave me the "wow" factor either except for the Temple. The art in center camp was blah, the playa art was ok, the people I camped with were fantastic which made my burn this year. If it weren't for them, I wouln't have minded too much missing it.

The storms were a bitch to set up in and take down in, but I survived, as usual. With the delay of the burn that too, was uneventful, for we watched from our keyhole at 3:00. My swollen legs/ankles were a blessing in disquise. We did see the temple burn, but the wind cause our art car and some friends to be lit up, literally! Good thing for fast thinking, and no one was hurt.

I did notice, that the potties were cleaner (except for the garbage bags left inside them), less moop on the play and less chaotic peeps. I think this was due to no gate tickets and no last minute party crashers and 'tourists' which in turn made these impacts. The whole "feel" was different this year, and unsure as to why, any ideas?? Do you think it was what I mentioned here?

Thank goodness for my playa family and friends that made my week what it was. THAT is why I go for the most part along with time away from the default world.

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