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Media Victim

Cheers to the Org for the Clean Portapotties

I gotta say that the porta potties were the cleanest I have ever seen them in all the years I have been comming - its really too bad that that was the only shit the ORG could clean up.

1. after approving the plans design and pictures for the camp art car and getting us all to dump thousands of dollars in materials and manhours - the DMV rejected it once it got to the playa becasue it looked like what we said it would look like.

2 All the rules and regulations about propane use changed and we couldn’t get permits to do any of the flame effects or flame art we had built - even though all the other art on the playa didn’t have to follow these same rules.

3. I got the total run-around and mistreatment by the rudest women at both media mecca and playa info about getting camera tags for a art doc about our group I was working on - so I couldn't even shoot video of our own campmates.

4. and our campmates and close friends who spent half a year practicing and all the time and expense of submitting a video and choregraphing got the shaft when they cancelled the conclave.

One of these things failing is inconvenient but it can be expected at Burning Man, two failures a serious run of bad luck - but all 4 is a total wipe None of it our fault, all of it totally controllable at the org level. (as per #4 - dust storms finished at sundown at 9:00 - there was more than enough time for the conclave before they burned the man...)

So overall as a janitor - the Org gets an A
but for arts support it failed us miserably this year.
and its report card reads "DOES NOT WORK WELL WITH OTHERS"
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