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Making money off Burning Man ???

Just to preface my post, I am not a first timer, I have been going to Buring Man for 8 years as a participant, I have been active in regional Burning Man communities and am well read on the philosophies and tenants of Burning Man.  I don't say this to be elitist, but to simply emphasize that I did not make this post as a knee-jerk reaction or without thought.

I was recently made aware of this site

I don't know anything about it, I tried to find out more about it, but the site doesn't seem to have an "about us" or aything like that...

As far as I know this site directly violates the main tenant of Burning Man that there is to be no advertising, selling or bartering.  Now I know that this is more on a moral and ethical level and all over the net there are people who sell costumes and camping gear where they specifically advertise them as being great for use at Burning Man.  Everyone from the guys who rent/sell bikes to the people selling drugs are making money off Burning Man.  

So it's not the traversing of the moral/ethical aspect that surprises or bothers me.  What does bother me and confuses me is that isn't it illegal for the name Burning Man and the Burning Man logo to be used to sell things ?  Is this sight sanctioned by the BORG ???  I highly doubt it, and if it is, then IMO this is the downfall in a slippery slope of Burning Man becoming just another festival with Redbull and KFC advertising.

Personally I find it highly disgusting and repugnant to see the Burning Man logo with a dollar sign in it's head.

If I am completly wrong and off base, let me know, maybe this site donates all proceeds to charity or back into Burning Man or to local art projects or something, but as I said it's not apparent and I searched the sight looking for such information before voicing concern.
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