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The Virgin Advice post

Ok Virgins here ya go:

First - read this - the First-Timer's Guide -

Read Everything,

Click every link and read those too,

Then click on the links on the side of the page and read those as well,

Then go roaming around the BM website at random and see what it has to tell you,

After that type "Burning Man Advice" into google and hit "I feel lucky" - repeat as often as you like

Finally type your left over questions which nothing else has answered into google and decide how you want to get your answers - images are fun.

Now, after you've done all of this - if you still have questions (which you should find you have even more than when you began) - come to the vets and begin asking.

Remember :

~ to leave your expectations or any assumptions, that you have any REAL idea what the heck you're about to get into by going - at the door.  

~ You don't know really know till you get out there, heck most of the time We don't know either and that's what makes it so freakin fun!

~whatever you think is simultaneously 100% right and 100% wrong. (how is this? It's Burning Man.)

~freak outs are a normal thing for burners, especially during preparations/traveling/arriving/set-up/the whole event/teardown/traveling back home/decompression.

~it is more amazing and harrowing than you can ever imagine it to be, so stop imagining it and just experience everything as it comes your way.

~there are no stores, nothing within about 20+ miles - if you need it to survive, bring it in yourself.   
***Don't bitch about this, we all have to do it and it's extremely annoying to listen to virgins complaining about having to make sure their own survival is assured all by themselves. Yes it's inconvenient - That's The Whole Point of Being In Black Rock Desert!!!!

Anything else? ;'D

Oh Yeah! Many veteran burners like to give out disinformation.
They like to screw with you and tell you the exact opposite of what you need to actually know.
Don't ask survival questions, look those up yourself - people can be down right cruel and their friends back them up because they see the humor in You, poor sap, actually believing them.

(See the concerned post by the vet about the online store posted earlier today.)

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