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How was Exodus for you??

This was my third year going to BM and I truly loved it, as I did every other year. :) The difference for me this year though was that I'd lost my job (Montessori Teacher) because I refused to stay home from the event. I'd worked for this school for 6 years, 22 total in the field. I decided I needed to do what was right for me at this point in my life, and that entailed going to BRC.

Losing my job afforded me the opportunity to stay past Sunday. At Hope and Fear I left Sunday in the early afternoon because my ride was leaving, it was at least 4 hours to the road if not more. At Green Man I left just after the Temple burn and it was in the neighborhood of 5 hours to the road. I didn't see the burn that nite...I'd fallen in Love that week and I'd opted to spend alone time with my new boyfriend while our camp was empty before I had to make the trip back and I'd have to wait to see him again in the Default World!! I found an alternate ride home and had to leave when they did because the ride I went with was no longer speaking to me - but anyway...

This year I stayed (with the above mentioned boyfriend <3) until the very end. We struck our Hexayurt on Tuesday morning and packed up and were out of there around 11am. We drove straight to the road and got going on the trip home (SF Bay Area) with no delay. The only traffic we hit of any sort was rush hour in Sacramento.

My questions specifically are:
What day did you leave?
What time of day?
How many hours was it to the road?
What influenced which day/time you departed? (children at home, job, ride share, etc)

I'm just totally curious how exodus went for others. Our Pod leader (for Semuta Lounge in Silicon Village) left somewhere in the neighborhood of 4am on Monday morning and he said exodus wasn't too bad at all. One of our other pod mates left on Monday afternoon when exodus was announced on BMIR as about half an hour to the road. He also said that went well.

I wonder if the inclement weather caused more people to leave early, thus thinning out the exodus line a little? Or maybe not...inquiring minds wanna know!

Please discuss.
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