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Forwarded Message from SFLNC

Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:04:13 +0000
From: Leslie Ayres <leslie.ayres@sflnc.com>
To: sflnc@topica.com
Subject: [sflnc] vote for the sflnc website!!

wow! we received notice that the sflnc website has been nominated for
bayarea.com's site of the year!! this is particularly thrilling because
every single bit of that site was generated by a volunteer -- and much
of it by our very hard-working and dedicated web content team led by
deepfog. congratulations to everyone who has contributed content, news
items, photographs and work to keeping our site juicy and up-to-date!

willing site of the year would be such a great honor, as well as an
opportunity to spread the word about our cause by getting folks to visit
our site... so we invite you to vote for us! visit
-- scroll down to the "our community" section and
access the poll.

and if you want a reminder about how great our site, is, check it out at

thanks, all! here's the letter we received:



I am writing you to let you know that your site has been nominated for
BayArea.com's second annual "Site of the Year Award." If you go to
www.bayarea.com and scroll down to the "Our Community" section, you will see a link to a poll that we have created so our users can vote for the
"Site of the Year." All 5 finalist will be listed in our BayArea.com ad
in the San Jose Mercury News on Saturday Dec. 15th and again on
Wednesday Dec. 19th.

The ad usually runs in the front section of the paper and is called
"Today in the Bay Area." I will send an email out announcing the winner
at around noon time on Thursday, Dec. 20th.

What do I win, you ask?! Well, when the winner is announced you'll find
out! (Trust us, it'll be cool!)

So log on and vote now. You could be the winner of BayArea.com's
secondannual "Site of the Year Award!"

Good luck!
Scott Bromfield

san francisco late night coalition

working together to
save san francisco nightlife!

visit our website at SFLNC to donate and read the latest news!

SFLNC.com -

http://www.sfraves.org and http://www.hyperreal.org proudly support the San Francisco Late Night Coalition

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