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Annoying Parts of Burning Man

Now, I know, I know, Burning Man is supposed to be positive, and everyone is supposed to be positive. But, like anything in life, there is always annoying parts. I only was annoyed or aggravated twice this year, and it mainly had to due with the elitist-highschool-bully attitude that some people perpetually wear like fancy jewelry.

The reason I am relating and asking if anyone else had really negative experiences (weather or missing supplies doesn't count) is because I felt like I shouldn't have responded in one instance, but I did, and it made me feel great, actually. I was just wondering if anyone suppressed any ill feelings or expressed themselves

The First Situation was a classic case of should have just kept their mouths shut. A burner was walking down the road with his headphones on. He was a crust punk (for those of you who don't know what a crust punk is, think anarchist squats, and you'll be pretty close to a good image). Anyways, a self righteous burner happened to see this, tapped him on the shoulder, and said "Take off the headphones man, experience the surroundings!" The crust punk, upon hearing this, said he was tired of having to hear Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin every morning, and he just wanted to listen to his music while drinking his chai. This wasn't enough though for our self righteous burner. He told the crust to quite being a tourist and be part of the community. The response of the crust was the best response I have ever heard: he called the self righteous burner a tourist in life, saying that he only had the guts to be an individual among 50,000 people who were also being individuals.  The self righteous burner than tried to say something about how burning man should be a positive experience and just walked off. Talk about wasted energy on the self righteous burner's part. Burning Man.

The second annoying situation occurred on our second to last night. A good samaritan, or so we thought, approached a bunch of us at the Burnz fry stand. He was wondering if any of us had seen an Israeli couple around, as they had lost their bag. A few of us said no, but that wasn't good enough for the good samaritan. He didn't buy our answers and angrily responded "None of you fuckers have seen an Israeli couple around? Really?" He then looked over to his friend in a look of smug-self-importance and said, " We should run these fuckers over with your car, maybe then they'll be able to think about something other than fries." I told him to eat shit superman (expressing myself radically!). And they drove off.

My girlfriend said I should have suppressed myself, yada yada, yada. Anyways, both situations really made me think twice about myself and how I would have and should have responded. My girlfriend said Burning Man didn't really have a place for snarky in your face punk ideals, even if they are in response to assholes. Do you think this is true? Do you believe in active suppression for the purposes of contemplation? How do you guys deal with the annoying parts of Burning Man?

EDIT: And in no way did these situations ruin my burn, nor did they traumatize me
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