norad (unit_cohesion) wrote in burning_man,

Seeking photographer...with girlfriend...

On Thursday morning, a friend and I climbed the stairs of Babylon to watch the sun rise (which was probably one of my most treasured moments from the week). While atop the giant structure, a photographer asked to take our picture. I know this is a long-shot, but the way he got our picture was the best. He was wearing a lanyard around his neck with a large tag picturing a girl. He asked if he could take a picture of us, "It's for my girlfriend, back home!", then he held up the large picture of her to show us "his girlfriend". We thought this was pretty funny, and he took a shot.

I'm guessing he did the "girlfriend" thing to get a lot of awesome shots of people, so I thought maybe someone else here also encountered this gent. Anyhow, if anyone might know who he is, or have a link to his photos, I'd love to be able to contact him and possible see how he captured my wonderful sunrise moment.

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