. (miss_almost) wrote in burning_man,

virgin question

I am finally at a point in my life where going to burning man is an option.
and I will go in 2009. burning man or bust.

Ive talked to people who've gone as well as read a bunch of things on eplaya and in here.
it seems to me that going for my first time it would be very helpful to join some kind of camp.
I have all intentions of contributing to the camp and not just showing up to take advantages of their resources.

but - how do you decide which camp to join? I know theres an lj camp, and a camp for another group i'm involved in (couchsurfing.com) - but Ive also seen/heard about several others that sound amazing and look interesting.

for your first burns did you stay with a camp? how did you decide to join that one over the million others?
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