Moon (celtic_moonfire) wrote in burning_man,

Doing a survey

My camp has decided to become a full-fledged theme camp.

We're the Space Monkey Mafia.

Our leader is some graphics/website guru and has to have everything just so before he'll let us give out the URL. When we get the ok, you'll be the first I give it to...

We have only a couple of things going on.

During the day our fearless leader, PlayaMonkey, is doing a multi-media dome chill space. We have to keep it dark and cool for the projectors and computer to work right... (ya get what I'm sayin here?)

At night this is transformed into my vampire bar/playa wedding chapel. The Lifeforce Speakeasy
(We didn't want to copy Spike's with the whole stripper thing.)
There will be red booze, goth/industrial/punk music, horror flicks and silent movies, maybe some fetish shows.
And of course on the spot weddings for those who want to have a playa marriage. (These are not 100% contractually binding marriages, no paperwork, dissolves faster than you can say "Las Vegas" if you like.)

We're going to try for placement next to another new Colorado tc - the Expat Aliens. They have a super cool cocktail hour bar and hope for one of the smaller keyholes next year. (the 730 one I believe.)

So my question is this: does any of this sound like something any of you would be so interested in as to try to find us?
What would you like to see in a bar like this?
Any advice from experts on running a playa bar?
I'm open to all suggestions, including snarky ones.
It's time to start building and we need to know that we're creating an atmosphere people will enjoy.

Thanks! Have a good one!

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