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Burn Out, the Portland Decompression

Burn Out was fantastic!!! I was a little surprised at first at how much was there, like the Black Rock Post Office, and other installations and art camps, until I realized that was kind of silly because all that stuff has to be hauled to the playa anyway, so why not haul it someplace else? The energy there was warm and wonderful and even though I only knew five other people there, it was like a family reunion anyway, like meeting a bunch of cool cousins you never met before. Definitely felt like I was with my tribe. We saw a performer, Solovox that was amazing. He had everybody dancing so hard!

I took a few photos of the art. I did not take any of the people because generally don't like my photos of people as much as things.

and I filmed this short video of the Walking Beast that was just being fired up as we were leaving. That was a perfectly timed treat!


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