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Hello my beloved Burning Man brothers and sisters : ) I hope you guys had wonderful holidays. I ahve so many pictures I have to clean up and put up. It's weird because I'm usually so Burning Man focused for the first few months after it's ended but Septemeber 11th just kind of wiped things off my mind slate. I'vve really been missing you guys. I have a few pics up on a photo page that you can get to via my actual journal but I have sooo many I want to put up.

I'm cruising around through my friends journals today which is how I wound up here. I started a celebrity sighting journal a while ago and for some reason a reporter from the LA Times called and wanted to interview me about it. it's so pathetic and small that I wanted to try to get a few friends to come join the community and post any good stories they might have. I tried to dissuade the reporter but he didn't get it, he keeps referring to this journal as a site, so I thought I'd better do some quick ego damage control and post this request in as many of my friend's journals as possible, if any of you are interested in something as silly and mundane as this, pleeeeease come by.

love you,


I was just interviewed for an article in the LA Times about my Celebrity Sightings Community Journal here on LJ. I don't know why they picked me, but they did, and the article is going to be published on the tenth of January. In the meantime I thought I'd come visit all my buddies on my friends list, and beg you to come by, join the community, and post any celebrity sightings you may have had, just so I don't look like a complete idiot when people come by the site. I mean there are only a dozen entries or less, ack, why me?

Here's the link, and again I would be sooooo incredibly grateful if you would join the community and log in any funny, or not so funny, personal stories, you may have collected, or pass this on to a friend who is always telling stories. In return I will gladly meditate on anything you may wish to have come in to your life, just let me know and I'll light a candle and send loving good thoughts your way. I pretty much do this anyway when I read your words on my list : ) Thanks sooooooooooo much and a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, whatever other celebration you might honor, and a very Happy New Year.

Love you,

Here's the link to my celebrity sightings journal.

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