malchik (sashamalchik) wrote in burning_man,

Attempt #1, 10:01am, Firefox: The (what turned out later to be - but I had no idea at first) sub-frame that counts down and shows position in the queue simply did not load within the page; instead a gray square showed. Yet the blue squares kept running above it, with instructions not to close the page. I waited for a while before figuring this is futile.

Attempt #2, ~20 minutes later, IE: Loaded fine; queue position 4500+. About 40 minutes later when countdown gets to ~2800 that frame craps out on the next refresh inside IE. Blue letters "Page could not load" are visible. Refresh of the page does nothing.

Attempt #2 at reviving browser window #1, by reloading that sub-frame only from the context menu, puts me back in line at position 5000+. Countdown gets stuck multiple time for 20-30 minutes at the time, still going.

No tickets for me so far.
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