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Burning Man, Epilepsy, and Narcolepsy. . .

Hello, everyone!  My main squeeze is epileptic and was also recently diagnosed with narcolepsy.  He hopes to one day go to Burning Man with me but worries that his medical issues are too big an obstacle to surmount.  Does anybody have (or know of someone who has) one or both of these conditions and been to Burning Man?  How did it go?  

I already know that my BF wouldn't be able to go anywhere unaccompanied (along with seizures and micro-sleeps, he has memory trouble and, if he left by himself, might never find his way back to camp).  And we'd probably have to procure an art car of some sort (that only I would drive) instead of bikes.  I've considered the idea that we may also have to rent an RV so he can have a relatively quiet and cool place to sleep.  There's no way to get away from flashing lights, but depending on his medication, that might not be a huge issue.  We already have quite a few routines and precautions that we do daily that could easily be extended to our time on the playa and he's a seasoned traveler.   

He and I are prepared to accept the idea that the logistics are just too complicated to ensure his (relative) comfort and safety on the playa but he'd like to explore the idea thoroughly before giving up on his dream.   
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