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A few words from the admin...

Or rather, just sharing an email I got from LiveJournal Inc., a subsidiary of some Russian company or whatever...

> Hi there,
> As you may have heard, LiveJournal is turning 10 next
> month—and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by
> publishing a beautiful anthology highlighting 100 memorable
> journals and communities from over the past decade. Recently
> we sent you an email asking if we could publish an entry
> from the burning_man community in the anthology, but we
> haven't heard back from you and are concerned that
> perhaps our original email (sent from lj10mod) never reached
> you.
> Here's the gist of it: your community is on our
> shortlist for possible inclusion in the book! If one of your
> entries makes the final cut, you’ll receive a $20 LJ gift
> certificate (that's a year's worth of Paid Account
> time or 2 years' worth of userpic add-ons)—not to
> mention that the burning_man community will have one of its
> entries highlighted and preserved for all time in the
> LiveJournal 10th Anniversary Anthology.
> If you’re interested in having your community considered
> during the final editorial round of this exciting project
> (and we sure hope you are) here’s what happens next: Email
> us back, by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, March 22, 2009, with
> links to your five favorite entries from the Advice
> community.
> We’ll read all the solicited entries we receive very
> carefully, and one of your entries will either be selected
> for the book itself or celebrated in the also-nifty
> “honorable mention” category (which comes with a $5 LJ
> gift certificate—that’s 2 months' worth of Paid
> Account time). Once we make our final decisions, later this
> month, we'll email the poster of the selected entry a
> contributor contract to sign and fax back to us, granting us
> permission to publish the entry in the anthology.
> A few things to consider, as you select entries for
> submission:
> *Any images need to be available in print quality (at least
> 300 dpi)
> *We can’t use entries with video or that contain images
> copyrighted by someone other than the person who posted the
> entry.
> Thanks for being such a valuable part of the LiveJournal
> community. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
> Many thanks,
> The LiveJournal Editorial Staff

My response? :
"No thanks. Not interested. It's against our ethos, and no pictures from Burning Man are acceptable in a major publication unless previously approved by Burning Man itself."

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