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From a Participant

This was forwarded to Maid Marian and posted in Jack Rabbit Speaks this morning. It is reprinted here without permission, so please act accordingly:


This morning I found a BurningMan penny on my doorstep. I don't know where
it came from. It could have fallen out of one of my pockets, I keep
tumbling across bit of Burningman everywhere. I truly want to think is it
was put there. Put there by someone paying attention. Someone who knows.

Because it brought me the most mind awakening surprise. It brought me to a
completely different state of mind. Suddenly I was transported to a place
where things were simpler, time was slower and my priorities were so very

I suddenly starting longing for extended nights and outstanding sunrises.

I wanted to go back to that place where I knew what time it was by the
position of the sun or moon. That place where time flies and crawls at the
very same moment.
I wanted my biggest priority to be what I was going to wear to the Bayou or
how long the ice line is.
I wanted to once again feel connected to my friends, sharing my spaces,
creating new places and opening my eyes to everything around me.

I place where I didn't know what Anthrax is.
A time when it would take me a while to find Afghanistan on the map.
I want to be in that place were the daily news surrounds DPW's movements
rather than the Talibans.
I want to feel comfortable walking through the neighborhood in my PJ's.
I want to have breakfast with my neighbors at the crack of dawn under the
setting moon.
I want to feel safe.
When I think of structural safety I want to be worried about the Emerald
City not being ready for the dance, not that someone may blow up the Golden
Gate Bridge.

I want to go back to being free to fly off the playa, or fly on the playa in
any mind altered state I want.
I want to pursue a free meal not belabor my next rent check.
I want to feel special because someone chooses to experience the playa with
I want to sit on the edge and watch the City take life.
I want to cuddle in the corner and let the City go by.
I want to huddle close with my friends under the light dusty skies at night.
I just don't want those skies to be filled with destruction and hate.
I want to fill the skies with love and appreciation for every new glorious
day we receive.
I want to remember my loves, and cherish them.
I want to feel my emotions and allow myself to recognize my fears.
I want to once again feel the excitement of what could be.
I want to be more aware that everyday I am surrounded by the playa.
It is only hidden.
Hidden in my office under the desk.
Hidden in my slippers, hidden in my hair, and in my closet all covered in
Time to bring it out, dust things up, and live in all its glory.

All this from the sweet penny.


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