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I just got my Jack Rabbits speaks today and it says....

"Speaking of playa, it's currently WET on the playa! Here at JRS central we get asked about playa conditions year after year, and while we offer it with a HUGE grain of salt, it does in fact bode well for the possibility of a nicely packed playa surface condition later this summer. (Mind you, we offer that tidbit with one caveat: the only constants are change, and dust at Burning Man, and you will need to embrace both to truly thrive in BRC. Might as well decide to start now, right?)

Oh, and also, did you hear? We're returning the city size back to what it was in 2007, making it just a leeetle beeeet eeeeeasier to get from Point A (aka Your Camp) to Point B (aka That Cool Thing You Are Supposed to Volunteer For/Go Check Out on The Other Side of the Playa). Thanks to everybody who gave us feedback about the city size ... see? We listen!"

I guess the gods have taken pity on us after seeing what we had to go through last year to get around. It is looking good for the bikes this year! There is even a thread on Eplaya where the locals are quoted saying...

that there is sufficient water on site - more than he has seen in the last 4-5 years so it could be a great year for the playa

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