Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in burning_man,

A note from your humble admin...

Two things worth mentioning:

1> Off-topic posts aren't good, and are not justifiable under any circumstances without prior approval by myself. Sometimes, there are good, benevolent, well-meaning reasons for off-topic posts... but I'm the admin of this here community, so I reserve the right to make those decisions on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, off-topic posts should be made... well... somewhere where they're not off topic. If you are told your post is off topic, then please either delete it or edit it appropriately to make it directly relevant to this community (i.e. Burning Man, and the whole process of going to Burning Man.)

2> People who go way overboard in going after people who are off-topic aren't very welcome either... especially when they make another post compounding their asshattery, thereby making the community less relevant to what it's supposed to be all about. If you've got an axe to grind, please take it elsewhere, or you're likely to find you aren't welcome here anymore. 

As always, if someone goes off topic or does something you think is improper in this community, I ask that you please leave them a polite message letting them know what they are doing is questionable, and why it is so... and if they continue their behavior, leave me a message on LJ and I will take a look at the situation and deal with it, as necessary.

What i ultimately would like community members to do is to try and get along... and if you can't do that, just remember, there's plenty of empty playa out there. Go do your own thing, and try to give others the space to do theirs. 

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