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I am stoked!! Today's Jack Rabbit Speaks

As we enter the heart of May, things are really picking up and aiming toward the heart of Black Rock City. At the same time Burning Man's global reach continues to enrich the lives of many. How so?

The Black Rock Arts Foundation just awarded $45,000 worth of grants to 10 artists around the world ... Burners Without Borders just provided $6,500 in funds through its stimulus package program ... and Black Rock Solar just finished the installation of a solar array on roof of the Nevada Discovery Museum that will save them $6,000 in energy costs annually. Making it happen? Making a difference? Yeah, it would seem so.

Meanwhile, our focus is trained on the road to the playa! DPW has started its work weekends (and reports that the playa is STILL WET, which bodes well, particularly as we're returning to our 2007 city size!). Honorarium and other Burning Man artists are hard at work realizing their projects for Black Rock City. A talented collective of Austin artists are cranking on this year's Temple (entitled "Fire of Fires"). Themecamps are deep in their planning phases (like KidsVille ... see below). And project fundraisers and YES! Precompression events are imminent in SF - and things are probably heating up in your town too with preparation mode in full effect! (Find out:

And now? Some reminders to keep you on the logistical ball! Our scholarship and low-income ticket application deadline is the end of this month, as are theme camp registrations. Mutant vehicle and art installation registration deadlines are fast approaching too (details below), so it's time to put dowwwn the procrastination and slowwwly step away.

Get ready ... the Man burns in 113 days, people! Onward!

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