Strange whimsy (kindofstrange) wrote in burning_man,
Strange whimsy

Free Wooden Sailboat - 19ft, Seattle-ish area

I'm posting this because it's killing me that I can't go get it and make something fantastic out of it and I thought someone on this community might be able to.

I found this earlier today:

"i have here and older wooden sail boat home built in the 70's sometime needs some restoration work.also have mast boom and sails boat is free no reasonable offers refused for sails and mast and trailer so bring ur own can help load. "

I contacted the owner in the hopes that it was a fairly manageable size and that I could bribe a friend of mine to let me store it on his lawn while I worked on it. Alas, it is 19ft in length and therefore not feasible.

But hey, my loss may be your gain!
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