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Sacred Spaces Village returns to the playa!

Hey all;

Sacred Spaces Village (consisting of a few small to medium-sized camps focused on creating sacred spaces on the playa) is seeking new members and other smallish camps interested in combining resources to create a potent mystical experience on playa.. We're also looking for performers, ritualists, healers, & spiritually-oriented live musicians that might want to play with in our Temple.

Info below::

Are you thinking about going to Burning Man and looking for a spiritual and conscious place to make a contribution? Evolutionary Temple/Sacred Spaces Village at Burning Man is now open for enrollment.

http://groups. 80/group/ sacred-spaces/ members_invite? hl=en

IF YOU'RE READY NOW, REGISTER @ http://www.evolutionarytemple. com

- Join the camp by 6/30 for a contribution of $108. (This is a non-profit endeavor and your fees pay for shared group amenities such as truck, power and showers.)

- Join the meal plan by 6/30 for $151. (7 days of vegetarian meals, smoothies, chai and snacks (with raw options) prepared by the Hare Krishnas--the world's most experienced outdoor wilderness chefs.)

The Evolutionary Temple is a sustainably- designed temple complex that will create a dynamic map of Evolutionary Consciousness and be a meeting place for the visionary intersection of science, art, sustainability, music, healing and spirituality.

Each temple space combines participatory activities and sacred art, exploring unique states of consciousness that incorporate the evolutionary path of this planet, and draws from the symbolic maps of consciousness and illumination in many world traditions.

Sacred Spaces Camp:

- Shared shade, chill/meeting space, kitchen, power, solar lighting, showers.

- Optional healthy vegetarian meal plan prepared by the Hare Krishnas, with a 24 hour kitchen, snacks, chai, smoothies, and raw options.

Evolutionary Temple:

- Prominent and visible location requested on Esplanade

- Contemplative music as well as live performances (with musicians from the Mystic Garden and Rainbow tribal familes), and big Esplanade-facing music / performance stage on top of the Freedom Tribe's large vintage 60s school bus heated with a woodstove!

- Visionary Art gallery(ies) with Evolutionary and Energetic themes with projections paintings by leading visionary artists including Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Ras Rio, the Energy Art Movement and many others from around the world.

- workshops in healing, metaphysics, sacred mysteries, consciousness...

- 30 ft. geodesic dome, reincorporating some of the sculpture, fixtures and decor from the 2008 Pantheogenesis Temple.

Within this Sacred Space, we invite, engage and nurture participants, inspiring both connection to and evolution of the spirit within while simultaneously exploring visions for the creation and actualization of sustainable communities in apt relationship with the Earth and Skies.

Let us EVOLVE together!

Email me if you have questions, would like to host a workshop, perform, or contribute art, lighting, sound, sculpture or crystals to the temple.

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