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Dreadlocks Shmeadlocks

Hi everyone,
I was planning to make my first trip to Burning Man this year, but even with a gifted ticket I unfortunately can't afford to go. However, that doesn't mean my artwork can't go this year, right? I'm in Portland, Oregon, and I offer yarn hair weaves to folks in the area. I've done them for friends of mine who go to Burning Man for a few years now, and they all say it's the perfect 'do for the playa (no brushing/washing worries, hurray)! One of my regulars recommended I post here. I used to braid horses' manes for extra money back in the day, so I've got the technique down, and I've been doing them on people for a three years now. They can last up to two weeks, and are pretty easy to remove. I charge cost of materials (usually no more than $30), plus a $30/hour fee (I will also help remove them for no extra charge). The process generally takes 2-2.5 hours. My fee is definitely negotiable, and I'm all for barter! They can be as long or short as you want, any color you desire, and are totally styleable. If you're at all interested in a funky, fun and incredibly easy-to-manage (and vaguely muppet-like) hairdo for Burning Man this year, drop me a line at: dreadlocksshmeadlocks [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll give you more info. I do also make custom hair falls.

Not the best pictures, but they'll give you an idea... (click to enlarge)

Yours truly...


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