Ка́рлсон (malloredus) wrote in burning_man,

Really need advice from those who've been to BM already!

 Dear community, 
really really need an urgent advice from photographers who go to BM or from anyone who took there SLR cameras and was changing lenses on the playa..
I've heard that the dust there is deadly destructive, that bikes are easier to throw away after rather than wash&repair, that not all car-washes are BM-friendly (I guess for a good reason?), that every day you need a new set of clothes as the dusty stuff from day before is impossible to wear etc.. So what happens to the photo/video equipment there?? I am going to BM for the first time and need to decide if I can take with me my good camera and all the lenses I want or if this is a bad idea and I everything will be ruined after, so then I should only take what I'm prepared to lose? And one more question about the safety situation there, I suppose leaving precious stuff in a tent is not a good idea, but lets say I leave a laptop, some lenses and a satellite cell phone inside locked trailer, is there a possibility or breaking in? I've heard that BM is quite safe in general and the worst thing happens someone might take your bike if it's left unattended or not locked to some construction and that people leave heir trailers' doors open etc..
I would so appreciate any advices about both of my questions & really hope BM is going to be a fantastic experience!!) Thanks a lot! xx

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