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Alternative WhatWhereWhen - call for donations!

Hey guys,

Don't think it's been mentioned/discussed on this community, but you may or may not be aware that with the Theme Camp placements this year, the Org decided to arbitrarily deny placement to 130 camps - almost 20% of all applicants. This scale of rejections has never happened before (it's normally around 1-2% - so this is at least a 1000% increase), and it's very clear there's no rhyme or reason for the rejections - camps rejected have in many cases been successfully placed, with green MOOP ratings, for years, but this year - no dice. This has left many people severely out of pocket with advanced plans now in tatters, and no likelihood of a change of heart by the Org. They've made some pretty huge stuff-ups over the years, but this seems to to top 'em all.

While camps who were not placed are now at a severe disadvantage, with much less setup time available and no listings in the official What Where When or map, we have teamed up with the Black Rock Beacon, the Playa's daily independent newspaper, to produce an alternative What Where When - now affectionately acronym-ized as the AWWW ;)

The AWWW will be printed on-playa @ The Beacon. It will be open ONLY to camps who are not placed and events that are not listed in the official print WWW. We can include events which occur after the Official Closing Time, and events which people haven't even thought of yet (though we will still have deadlines - 26 August is the cutoff for submissions). This means if you are a member of a rejected camp, a camp who's chosen not to be placed, or have decided last minute to come or hold an event, or never thought you could get on-playa promotion because of the lack of address until after land grab - this publication is for you to help get the word out about your thang! We will have distribution in many camps, as well as on the Nowhere Omnibus, and we're very excited!

There are a few needs to be met, and those are: extra funds for paper & ink, and volunteers to assist in production and distribution (Monday night, Tuesday day, and possibly Tuesday night).

If you'd like to assist making this project a reality and help publicise and support the 130 camps that were denied placement, please do consider donating to the Black Rock Beacon here - their regular paper runs also need extra funds too as they've been down on donations this year, so every little helps, even $5 or $10 would be awesome, and the number of copies printed depends entirely on donations received. Donations are 100% tax deductible as the Beacon is a registered NFP, and are needed by Monday 10th August, as the paper for BM needs to be purchased no later than that date.

Remember, if you're not a registered theme camp but would like to be listed in the AWWW either as a camp or for specific events, you are also welcome to submit! Email alt.www.bm09@gmail.com with your listing, or head over to the Tribe created for the AWWW to submit alternatively. You can also PM me here on LJ if you like with questions, volunteer offers, or listings.

The basic structure of the submission & publication process will be as follows:


Camp and Event entries can be emailed to alt.www.bm09@gmail.com, or on Tribe if preferred at http://tribes.tribe.net/toohotforburningman. These entries should be similar to the existing entries submitted to the Events Calendar and Theme Camp Register (if you haven't already done so, please do as these are still open, though they will not get you as much exposure as the printed WWW). We plan to list events happening only from Wednesday 2nd September due to our printing schedule and the likelihood of most non-placed camps having to work for at least 2 days on infrastructure before opening. These entries must reach us no later than 26th AUGUST, so we can work on the layout before heading to the playa.


Once you reach the playa and set up your camp, submit your camp location using the same camp name submitted to us, at Playa Info , and/or at the Black Rock Beacon @ 5.30 and Evolution (look for the sign & highly visible clipboard with camp listings and space for you to put your address). Your location must be submitted by at least one of the these methods NO LATER than 6PM MONDAY 31st AUGUST. We will then collate the information and get it into the AWWW which hopefully should be ready to roll to the presses after the first Black Rock Beacon is printed Monday night.


The AWWW should be available from the Black Rock Beacon from Tuesday morning. Please drop by to pick up your copy, or take multiple copies to distribute from your camp. If you have any compatriots in placed camps who may be interested in being a named distribution point, please let us know asap so we can publicise them.

Cheers and thankyou for your support!
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