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The Man burns in 20 days!

Sitting giddily in front of my sewing machine for hours, many many cups of coffee making their way into my tummy, I am vibrating with excitement to make that 30 hour drive!!

I'm very interested in hearing about the different methods people use to pack their gear, specifically costumes. This is my second year going to the burn, last year I brought everything shoved into crates; a tickle trunk of scarves, silk, leg warmers, and fun fur. Very fun to explore normally... but nobody wants to spend time in a tent during the burn! Last year I wore a lot of the same thing over and over, especially when waking up in 110*F tent early in the AM, all the brain can think about is getting out of there ASAP.

What are some ways that you streamlined packing in order to make getting dressed/costuming as painless and quick as possible??
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